Sparkie (Konami game, Sony, boxed, japanese) for trade

Door Rouhija

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29-06-2004, 21:40

I have for trade Sparkie (Sony HBS-G001C) boxed cart game, no manual. Game is Konami game published by Sony. The game is Japanese version. Perfect working order. Cart in near mint condition. Box has some some bends from moisture, but does not have any tears.
I can take pictures if needed.

I'm looking at least the following:

Usas (complete)
Pippols (complete)
Magical Tree (complete)
Baseball (complete)
Juno First (Sony, complete)
Track & Field I (Sony, complete)
Eggerland 2 (HAL, complete)
other HAL/Sony games (complete)

King's Valley 2 (RC760, european, Box&Manual or complete)

Comic Bakery (manual)
Sky Jaguar (manual)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2 (manual)
Metal Gear (manual)
Crazy Train (Sony, manual)
Track & Field II (Sony, manual)

If you have some of those for trade for Sparkie or for sale, mail me -->

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Van Rouhija

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15-07-2004, 20:17

No one interested? Offer something in trade?

Van [D-Tail]

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15-07-2004, 20:23

Perhaps it's the missing manual, who knows...