.BAS to tape

Door joop_m

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27-05-2004, 16:37

Does anyone no where I can find a program that converts BASIC-files to a WAVE file, so I can load it with my MSX and don't have to type in every line?

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Van Sonic_aka_T

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27-05-2004, 16:54

Well, I don't know if its possible like that. What is ofcourse possible is putting the .BAS file on a disk image and then using an emu to save to cassette. If you then convert that .CAS file to a wave file you'd pretty much have what you're looking for. I don't know if there's a more direct way to do this though. It could be possible that someone already made a tool for this, but if not you can always do it like that.

Van cax

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27-05-2004, 17:05

MicroWAVer is the answer.