MSX Error 51 - Photo shoot

van altaris op 27-04-2010, 19:34
Onderwerp: Photo shoots

In the weekend of 24 and 25 April, an MSX meeting took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina: MSX Error 51. To get an impression of this event, a photo shoot has been put online.

Relevant link: MSX Error 51 photo shoot

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Van Sander

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28-04-2010, 17:03

Great initiative and excellent news! Hopefully I'll manage to attend one day. That makes me wonder how that Korean meeting of this month went.

Van viejo_archivero

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29-04-2010, 16:13

Photo 4 from part 2 is a girl playing IOTZM, hehe! Wink

Van JohnHassink

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30-04-2010, 02:59

It's a delight to see.
MSX living all around the world! Smile
Thank you for sharing.
I hope we can co-operate even more!