I want to learn CPLD / FPGA design - need help!

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21-05-2004, 23:12


What is the difference between MAX7000A and MAX3000A kits?

To my untrained eye MAX7000A is more interesing, because it can operate from 5v, and have a higher model number :)

But I don't really trust my opinion... Or may be Xilinx is better? Padial uses mostly Xilinx and Lattice chips...

PS: I want to implement modular FPGA / CPLD designs to replace existing MSX chips. Ideally they should work like originals, if soldered in existing MSX boards.

Once all or most key chips are implemented... Well, then they could be intergated in one big FPGA/CPLD chip... Almost like once-chip-MSX...

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21-05-2004, 23:21

Please let me informed! I am really interested in all this. I also want to build my own MSX1 system from scratch, but my electronic skills are almost inexistant.

Any good introduction to FPGA?

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22-05-2004, 01:41

AFAIK my fellow Bitwise members (the hardware developers) use Xilinx/VHDL. I don't know much about it, but I've had some AHDL (Altera Hardware Description Language) for my studies as well. AHDL sucks, by the way. Better use VHDL instead Smile

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22-05-2004, 04:24

Any good introduction to FPGA?

I found a reasonable intro in one of the paper magazines. The thing is I don't mind spending money on this new hobby. Like if I have to shell out 3 to 5 gran for evaluation kits, software, books and equipment, so be it... I'll write it off from my business...

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22-05-2004, 04:54