MSXConv'07 photo shoot

van snout op 24-06-2007, 13:49
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Yesterday MSX Café hosted the second MSXConv user meeting in Sacy Le Grand, France. A photo shoot of the event is already available over here, giving a good impression of a successful, busy and great day of MSXing.

Relevant link: MSXConv'07 photo shoot

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Van penguincafe

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24-06-2007, 15:54

Thx MRC !

Anothers many pictures, videos or article of MSXconv'07 will be published soon.

After the 1chip MSX demonstration, we wait all our 1chip MSX now (Please Bazix, quickly)...

Penguin Wink

Van dumfrog

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24-06-2007, 18:28

Here is a link to much better pictures :
And if you want to see our faces in a funny way :

And, oh, yes, about the OneChip, I agree with Peng' : now that I have seen it, I want mine !!! LOL!LOL!LOL!

Van penguincafe

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24-06-2007, 21:41


This is anymore of MSX Convention 2007 !

Article : Let's Go

Pictures : Let's Go

Movie : Let's Go

+++ :P


Van Ivan

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24-06-2007, 23:23

Nice to see an MSX meeting in France. Hope that it can attract more visitors in the future.