Space Manbow 2 to be released by TNI

van snout op 10-09-2006, 17:19
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Source: MSX Banzai!

During the MSX fair in Bussum, TNI announced they are to release Space Manbow 2, the upcoming Space Manbow fangame of the brand new MSX development group RenovatiO. On their stand, an impressive playable demo version of the game was on display, revealing the amazing gameplay of the game and some of its original features such as the capability of unlocking features and weapons by collecting resources. More information on the game and its development progress can be found in several topics on our active MSX Forum.

Relevant link: TNI

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Van Huey

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10-09-2006, 17:38

Why on earth would they release it through TNI?
I think is very illogic Question

just read the tni page........Okay. Let's hope SM2 doesn't require any hardware oO

Van wolf_

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afbeelding van wolf_

10-09-2006, 17:51

SM2 requires more hardware than a game with msxdev06 specs .. I'm equally surprised as other ppl tbh..

Van SeD_NcL

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10-09-2006, 17:51

Space Manbow 2? I thought it was Manbow 2.

Van mars2000you

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10-09-2006, 18:03

Manbow 2 will be a very interesting game, a real challenge for shooter's fans. We can already say this release will be a great event in 2007 !!! Big smile

Van chaos

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afbeelding van chaos

10-09-2006, 19:03

Will we ever see a demo/promo version? Smile

Van snout

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afbeelding van snout

10-09-2006, 19:23

We did, yesterday, in Bussum! And it looked absolutely amazing! (Where were you, chao5?! ^_^)

Van chaos

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afbeelding van chaos

10-09-2006, 19:49

I was @ home waiting for a downloadable promo version of Manbow 2!! Wink

Van Abi

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afbeelding van Abi

10-09-2006, 20:03

lol, well you realy missed something, dunno if we will release a demo too.

Van Sonic_aka_T

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afbeelding van Sonic_aka_T

11-09-2006, 00:51

Odd, a Sunrise release would've made more sense to me. They've always been the preferred 'MSX Publisher' in Europe, and they could probably use the few euros of "profit" they make to invest in all the wonderful things they do for the MSX scene...

Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

11-09-2006, 16:14

We’re not just a publisher, the RenovatiO members are TNI members now. TNI has been having good contacts with RenovatiO for a while already, and during a talk on a terrace the idea for Manbow 2 to be developed under the TNI flag was concieved.


Van Latok

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11-09-2006, 19:05

I think that's a good thing. Manbow2 seems a pretty big project. The more developers the better, right?


Enlighted (6323)

afbeelding van ARTRAG

11-09-2006, 21:39

IMHO, Grauw's experience will be precious in SM2

Van wolf_

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afbeelding van wolf_

11-09-2006, 21:51

..if he isn't occupied with his JP-study in JP..

Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

12-09-2006, 11:45


Well, I hope I’ll have a little more time for MSX stuff in Japan. But I won’t have an MSX, that sucks, and I don’t really know how to make an HD-image of my CF cards…



Enlighted (5422)

afbeelding van NYYRIKKI

12-09-2006, 14:07

@Grauw: I used this software:

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (9789)

afbeelding van wolf_

13-09-2006, 13:20

..any idea of a releasedate or target-fair already?

Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

15-09-2006, 21:18

NYYRIKKI: thanks for the link!

Van norakomi

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afbeelding van norakomi

16-09-2006, 11:27

well there is a target-fair.
Nijmegen Saturday, January 20, 2007
This will be very tight.

A promo will be released end 2006 or early 2007

Van zoloft

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20-09-2006, 02:13

I overheard Mafcase didn't know about Manbow2 becoming TNI... that true?

Van Manuel

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afbeelding van Manuel

07-12-2006, 23:08

Hmm, I just found out about this (see ):

7 December 2006 - Due to various unpleasant events and surprises, TNI can no longer identify itself with the Manbow 2 project. We wish the project good luck in an independant setting.

Whatever, I really hope we can see it in (almost) finished state in Nijmegen!

Van snout

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afbeelding van snout

07-12-2006, 23:25

Word travels fast, here's the related newspost.... as for your hopes on a release in Nijmegen: I second that!