Space Manbow 2 - Endboss BGM

van norakomi op 31-07-2006, 00:11
Onderwerp: Music

Norakomi of the new MSX development group RenovatiO has revealed one of the BGMs from their upcoming MSX game Space Manbow 2 (a fangame based in -indeed- Konami's impressive shooter Space Manbow on the MSX game music website bgMSX. You can download the song (or play it on-line) by following the screenshot (which reveals one of the boss-monsters) on the frontpage.

Relevant link: bgMSX

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Van Sonic_aka_T

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31-07-2006, 01:02

I must say; it's a pretty cool 'boss tune', abeit more MicroCabin style than Konami style Tongue

Van Gilneas2

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afbeelding van Gilneas2

31-07-2006, 12:33

Is the website offline?

Van Gilneas2

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afbeelding van Gilneas2

31-07-2006, 20:46

I am having trouble navigating the website (I'm getting javascript flash and mysql errors). Can someone give me a direct link to the mp3?

Van Gilneas2

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afbeelding van Gilneas2

01-08-2006, 15:04

Honestly, the site is innavigable by anyone using Linux! I tried with Firefox, Lynx and Links. Question

Van mars2000you

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afbeelding van mars2000you

01-08-2006, 17:29

Even on Windows, it's not very handful as website. I dislike complex links to download files, so I won't hear to this MP3, sorry for the author Crying

Van Edwin

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afbeelding van Edwin

01-08-2006, 17:40

A bit slow sometimes, but I can navigate it fine. Also FF on Linux.

Van GhostwriterP

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afbeelding van GhostwriterP

01-08-2006, 19:10

It seems off-line from time to time.

Van Gilneas2

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afbeelding van Gilneas2

01-08-2006, 19:40

So can anyone put the song up for download properly?

Van poke-1,170

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afbeelding van poke-1,170

02-08-2006, 01:23

internet explorer works fine,
nice tune I must say, dark industrial styled atmosphere
and a good bassloop Smile

Van dumfrog

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afbeelding van dumfrog

02-08-2006, 08:47

Works fine on Safari ! I love the red MSX on the first page... it looks so 80's !!!

Van dumfrog

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afbeelding van dumfrog

02-08-2006, 09:47

Well, sometimes its player makes the browser to crash because some links are bad. For example, Gradius 3 - Demo (, the file is a jpg image and not a mp3 song.
I post that here because I don't know where to contact the webmaster.

Van OdontoMan

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afbeelding van OdontoMan

02-08-2006, 17:01

This link will guide you directly to the file:

I heard the tune and i had a doubt... It looks like a tune heard in a PC 3D action game, I cant tell you witch game is but I think this... I'll search and tell ya!!!
By the way, the tune is a great tune! very good!!! ;)

Van norakomi

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03-08-2006, 10:58

Cool !!
haha, that would be cool, please try to find that file. Id love to hear it. Maybe an unconsious influence Smile