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Paragon (2038)

afbeelding van hap

24-04-2004, 16:54

I just bought Bombaman. Nice game, great music, but the CD that was given with it looks like it hasn't been tested. All filenames are upper cased 8.3, with '~1' at the end of them, and the cd contains a virus; many strange named executables on the website folder contain the W32.Netsky.P virus:


02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 1001SE~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 3DSTUD~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 ACDSEE~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 ADOBEP~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 ADOBEP~2.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 ADOBEP~3.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 AHEADN~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 ALTKIN~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 AMERIC~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 ARNOLD~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 BR3060~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 BR44F8~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 BR5D6C~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 BR6712~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 BR73F6~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 BRB645~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 BRD650~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 BRITNE~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 BRITNE~2.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 BRITNE~3.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 BRITNE~4.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 CLONED~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 CLONIN~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 CRACKS~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 DICTIO~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 DIVX80~1.EXE
02-04-2004 00:50 29.568 DOOM3R~1.EXE


Plus, the level editor crashes here, but this might be due to the 8.3 name RESOURC~1.INI of which i don't know the original name of.

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Van Sylvester

Hero (536)

afbeelding van Sylvester

24-04-2004, 17:17

Yeah, I have the same problem.

Van mars2000you

Enlighted (5984)

afbeelding van mars2000you

24-04-2004, 17:18

Very strange .... I've received by the post the CD sent by Sunrise ... and I don't have any of this suspicious EXE files on my Bombaman CD .... only zip, mp3, jpg and psf files in the concerned subdirectory ...

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (9892)

afbeelding van wolf_

24-04-2004, 19:03

The level editor crashes here as well Smile I'm using win98se .. you too? (it's said that w98 is the problem here)

Van hap

Paragon (2038)

afbeelding van hap

24-04-2004, 19:33

winxp pro here

Van Abi

Hero (600)

afbeelding van Abi

24-04-2004, 19:37

yes right i just bought it today also, and you are right!
I have those files also.
And my Norton antivirus says that it contains virus!!!!!
Virus name: W32.netsky.P@mm.

And i also can not open the editor :S

Van Arjan

Paladin (742)

afbeelding van Arjan

24-04-2004, 20:46

hmm that's really bad Sad The original files for the CD were completely tested & 100% virus-free. The first series of CD's are correct too, assuming by the date/time of those files you probably have a 2nd series. Complaints should go to Sunrise and you should demand a new CD.

There are problems with the editor on win98se (but I used it a lot on normal win98). The RESOURC~1.INI file that jooneman was talking about should really be called resources.ini, but on win2k the editor doesn't crash on it...

Van Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1767)

afbeelding van Jorito

24-04-2004, 21:44

That's pretty bad allright! I've already mailed Sunrise about it to warn them about this. The first series of the CD were correct, no problems there, so I guess something went wrong with the second batch Sad
Anyways, everybody with a corrupted CD should go to Sunrise and receive a new CD. You can contact Sunrise through email (

Van sunrise

Paragon (1091)

afbeelding van sunrise

24-04-2004, 22:59

Sorry guys, but this is most unfortunate , i say everyone returns the cd.
I replace them naturally for free. But I am certainly not happy since I have a virus-protector for this virus and my provider claims that they have intercept possible infection.
Meaning this works not properly afaik

Van Grauw

Ascended (10062)

afbeelding van Grauw

25-04-2004, 01:54

Maybe this ought to be posted on the frontpage news, to ensure everyone who bought it is notified of this. It's not good for the Sunrise image, I guess, but things like this can happen, I guess (again), and... Well, this can't go unnoticed. It's too dangerous (though I don't know exactly how harmful netsky is...).


Van FiXato

Scribe (1710)

afbeelding van FiXato

25-04-2004, 05:41

It is even worse for the Sunrise image if people get infected because they WEREN'T I would say... post it

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