Wanted: GFX9000

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Door Ivan

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21-04-2004, 20:03

I'm looking for Sunrise's Graphics 9000 cartridge in perfect condition.

Send offers to: ivalat(at)arrakis(dot)es

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Van sunrise

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21-04-2004, 22:10

Order simply one !

Van Ivan

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22-04-2004, 02:23

If I can get one for less than 134€, better.

Van Ivan

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afbeelding van Ivan

02-05-2004, 16:29

This japanese auction for those who want to make their own GFX9000 Wink :


Van MSXHinter

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02-05-2004, 16:42

Look at http://www.marktplaats.nl is at a dutch site, but somebody selling moonsound en GFX9000
current bid stands on 75 Euro

Good luck hunting

Van Ivan

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02-05-2004, 17:44

When does the auction finish? How to register?

Van Argon

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02-05-2004, 17:58

You don't need to register on marktplaats.
You can directly send mail to the seller, or just place a bid.


Van dhau

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09-05-2004, 06:21

I have one, I don't mind selling it for... 90 euro?

It comes with GFX9000 -> SCART cable and some nicely arranged original software from SunRise

And while we're at it, for extra mmm.... 15 euro? I'll drop in a full Panasonic FM-PAC (cart in case with manual and all flyers)

The only problem is I'm in Canada, so shipping will probably cost you your left kidney... But hey! Who needs two kidneys anyway? Smile

Van Argon

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09-05-2004, 15:06

Shipping can't be all that bad for such a low weight.

Van flyguille

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09-05-2004, 15:50

questions about gfx9000

is needed the european scart? can be the VIDEO RCA plug?

Van snout

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09-05-2004, 15:53

The GFX900 has a 9-pin Sub-D connector; see the MSX FAQ

(/me waves to Manuel)

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