For sale: Maze of Galious (euro, just cart)

Door Rouhija

Expert (100)

afbeelding van Rouhija

16-04-2004, 18:06

For sale Maze of Galious. Works perfectly. The label looks worn and there is name written on it (dim).

mail me your offers -->

Postage is about 1e worldwide. Payment by paypal or by direct money transfer to my account.

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Van moony

Rookie (19)

afbeelding van moony

21-04-2004, 15:42

i am still interested just didnt get a price from uSad

Van valerian

Supporter (9)

afbeelding van valerian

28-04-2004, 13:31

i have mail you but no response let me know if you are still selling this card.


see you soon.