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Van BiFi

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20-04-2004, 19:04

Today I received the Bombaman manual. It looks very nice. Personally I would've printed the inside pages in color as well and added some cool Bomba background. Would've improved the manual even more, but the price would raise as well.

And yes, it does fit in the DVD box. Smile

Van Grauw

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20-04-2004, 19:27

Tsk, I'm amazed that Sunrise actually sent it to you... What a service! Smile

(Team Bomba, Sunrise, great work Smile. I love your game. Looking forward to the manual)

Van BiFi

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20-04-2004, 19:59

I wasn't complaining about Sunrise here. If it looked like that, then I apologise. This service is great. I just say the manual could've been a bit more colorful.

Van Latok

msx guru (3828)

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26-04-2004, 15:47

Right.....The Bombaman manual. I KNEW I've forgotten something on Tilburg Tongue

Van thinlizzy

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26-04-2004, 17:45

warning! the manual might come with virus too (anthrax or ebola)


Van Sonic_aka_T

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27-04-2004, 19:56

I have been feeling funny lately... I guess it would explain a lot... And here I was putting the white stuff that came on the cover in my coffee thinking it was sweetner... Tongue

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