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Van BiFi

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09-10-2004, 21:46

Better late then never I guess, but I wrote a little toolie based on the idea of the Moonblaster replayer, where there are some CALL statements to switch to Z80 or R800 on MSXturboR since those are features that are nog available in MSX-BASIC.

I wrote it initially to enable R800 and Z80 when the MWM-driver isn't loaded in Delta Soft's Find It when Moonsound wasn't inserted. If you want it, let me know how I can send it to you.

Van [D-Tail]

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10-10-2004, 02:02

Well, this game has actually been released today Wink Rudi made up with his promises Wink Keep it up! Big smile

Van BiFi

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10-10-2004, 09:40

Yeah, we did talk about a few problems he had with the MSXturboR CPU switching and stuff. It's a pity those kind of things weren't implemented in MSX-BASIC in the first place, but just with BIOS calls.

Van anonymous

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10-10-2004, 18:09


Van IC

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11-10-2004, 23:04

my SCSI interface has a _Z80 and _R800 implemented Wink

Van [D-Tail]

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11-10-2004, 23:23

Euhrm... I thought Alex Wulms/Xelasoft had made such a BASIC extension, or am I wrong?


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12-10-2004, 07:32

If you load Super-X you will get command:
_CHCPU(0) ' 0=Z80, 1=R800, 2=R800 DRAM

If you use X-BASIC, you can use following program:

30 N=128+0 ' 0=Z80, 1=R800, 2=R800 DRAM
40 '#I 58,N,205,128,1

Van Accumulator

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17-11-2004, 13:37

In my memory... I recall an compiler called MCBC 2.
In my early days it worked for me.. (with a little bit of assembler)
the D.A.S.S. cheat was also programmed in basic, compiled with MCBC and for the interupt I used pure assembler...

Hybride programming is the answer to all questions... If you do not know enough about one programming language...

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