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van YSMSX op 20-05-2004, 14:32
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The MSX Community often seems like a men's world, but nothing can be further from the truth. Yumiko ShimaMura (YSMSX) created a Yahoo Group especially for all the MSX-minded ladies. Over here she would like to talk about the good times she had with MSX, meet new and old friends, review games and applications, organize lotteries and other activities related to MSX. So if you're female and like MSX, join her group today!

Relevant link: MSX Group for Girls website

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Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

20-05-2004, 19:37

... *wants to join the group* ...
Arrh, I can't! ^_^.

Van konamiman

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afbeelding van konamiman

20-05-2004, 19:42

My wife plays Bombaman with me, and some time ago she used to play Bubble Rain... so I think she can be considered MSX user... but she does not want to join this group! :-(

Van spl

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afbeelding van spl

20-05-2004, 20:44

Konamiman, I think your wife doesn't want to join this group, because for me, it is like the "Gameboy Advance SP for girls" (If you have see the box, is like a TAMPAX box, and the advertisement is also like a TAMPAX one). None of my girl friends like the technology "for women". All our groups are for every people men or women. The MSX, like the Gameboy and everyone of the systems are neutral.

Yours respectfuly,

Van flyguille

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afbeelding van flyguille

20-05-2004, 20:44

jejeje Wink

the girls set as "only for members" the mesages of the group...

jejejeje Wink

Van Niles

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afbeelding van Niles

21-05-2004, 14:38

The same as "the car made for women" (I think it's a Volvo). This is ridiculous... :X

If I were a woman I'll be very ungry with all this stuff......

Van karloch

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afbeelding van karloch

22-05-2004, 01:12

I totally agree. It is pointless to restric a MSX user group to girls... I think that it is very sexist...

Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

22-05-2004, 19:49

Hahaha... ^_^ Ahwell, if they want to gossip about me, they can go ahead... ;p

Van MissMSX

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afbeelding van MissMSX

21-07-2004, 00:21

No thank you!

Van snout

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21-07-2004, 00:46

An active Brazilian MSX user recently told me YSMSX isn't really as feminine as one would expect. Dunno if it's true though Smile