Lost World walkthrough

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Van [D-Tail]

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12-11-2004, 20:53

I've tried to beat Lost World myself lately (once again ^_^). But now it seems I can't find Og in the inn in Sartan. Somehow I must have missed I dialogue or such. Since it's very unclear to me which one (I recall I talked twice to all commoners) I'm still stuck. After a while you will meet a storyteller on Chelestra, which should help you in some way in your quest. He should tell some story, after which you can descend in the gap on Callahorn.

Another thing, a very long time later, you should encounter some kind of evil monk in the Kir Monastery, Arad Doman. It's unclear to me how that one gets in that room so suddenly, cause it seems it's a matter of luck when trying to encounter him. Can anyone help out on those three points?

Van [D-Tail]

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afbeelding van [D-Tail]

21-11-2004, 20:56



Quite some time ago, I made up an artefacts & items list. Perhaps it's useful: it's here. And Robert: you've replied to it yourself, so mayhaps you've found out most of it... ;)

Van Grauw

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21-11-2004, 22:00

Heh, lol, my little brother asked me whether I had a Lost World walkthrough today as well Smile.

Van sunrise

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21-11-2004, 22:19

Hopefully, we can publish once a bookwork like with PA3.

Van robertwilting

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21-11-2004, 22:38

Let me say this I got a perfect walkthrough however it's written in steno !
Now the problem is I have allmost no time.

Now If I had time I could finish the DISK texts which also are still not complete.

Hey wait I can combine these 2 just fix the Lost World sollution an put it on DISK so I fix 2 things at once. Hmm I might think about that one.

But first I need to fix one other thing (allmost done with that one ) and then the TURBO-R drive.
ANd then I can come back to bussiness. So if everything goes well we might have it finished just befor the end of the year.
(I'm not promiseing it !!)

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