Floppydrive emulator 720kb

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02-06-2011, 23:01

Hi MSX's,

I have a question about a floppy drive emulator!?
Is it possible make for the MSX a floppydrive that do not need 3.5 " floppy discs? That used output / input of the FDD and recognize it as a floppydrive?
It is perhaps a strange question, but the disks will eventually go out of production! Maybe this question already asked earlier (my eccuses)!

Greetings frits9164

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Van ant0niutti

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03-06-2011, 00:35

Van Marq

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03-06-2011, 23:09

Well, there is the SD card reader that does pretty much what you'd want. Not awfully advanced in comparison to, say, 1541 Ultimate on C64, but at least it works. The big difference between MSX and C64/Amiga etc. is that MSX disc drives weren't standard across manufacturers and thus they're accessed through BIOS and BASIC calls most of the time. So no need for exact drive emulation.

Van frits9164

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04-06-2011, 00:18

Thanks for the reply Marq, I'll think about it and maybe I do have ask you some holes in your stomach !

Greetings Frits9164oO