Sunrise: bug in Gianna Sisters

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Van wolf_

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21-05-2011, 11:14

oh, and there's a nosferatu track used on Muzax#2 ...


But I made Muzax2.. can't remember any Nosferatu involvement!

Van ro

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21-05-2011, 11:34

hmm, I mean Muzax#1 VERSION 2 Smile
(thanx Wolf)

Van Manuel

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14-01-2021, 20:15

So, um, guys, can you post a video showing off Nosferatu? I've heard too many nice things about it now, so I MUST see what it looks like!

Van ro

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15-01-2021, 10:37

10 years later.... wow.

Hai, there's nut'n to see rly. Nosferatu was a project just faded out, as usual. Although there's a bunch of graphics and loads of music. Hans Cnossen did MB tracks, he got crazy and produced about 25 pieces. We had to cut him of his pills, else he'd go nuts beyond all recognition. John did graphix, and boy he was good. Excellent stuff that would make you drop your draw to to floor. We did some coding, had level designed, players and enemies running. But all premature. Basic stuff really. Nosferatu would be a Vampire Killer kinda action-rpg game. Had potential. sure.

Truth is, still today I'm running with the idea to make a dedicated Nosferatu Muzax to tribute Hans his work. Nosferatu Muzax disc stuff, thingy, sort of. But, well, I'm lazy Smile Altho I recently started to do some coding again, in combo to finally switch to openMSX. As you've read by now.

If I had to make a video, it would be a very short one. haha. We just keep it a secret for a bit longer Smile

Van gdx

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15-01-2021, 11:34

And about the bug in Gianna Sisters, no fix?

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