Switching between intern Mapper and a extern Mapper.

Door MSX4ever

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14-10-2010, 03:47

I have a Panasonic Turbo R ST with 256 Kb intern. I have also a
cartridge Memory Mapper with 4096 Kb.
If i started the computer i see on the screen 4352 Kb.
But if i started some programs like "Merdian" it don't work,because it says that the computer has only 192 Kb memory.

I know that there is a program that you can switch between the intern mapper
and the cartridge mapper, but i can't find that program.
Maybe has anyone that for me.



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Van Huey

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20-10-2010, 14:04

Post deze ook maar in het engelse gedeelte. Daar krijg je vast meer response.

Van MSX4ever

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07-12-2010, 06:12


I had found a solution.

My SD/MMC interface from Padial into the Turbo-R ST. Then i Push the button
"BS" (Back space) when i the computer started.

Then the Turbo-R ST is a MSX 2+ in case of a Turbo-R ST. The MSX 2+ takes
the biggest memory in case of the intern memory of th Turbo-R ST.