Secret "Magic Key" menu in Gallforce

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Van ducasp

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07-10-2020, 02:00

It is curious, Magic Key was sold in Brazil at some "Software Houses" (ahem, should I say pirate houses?) and I remember reading an article somewhere about it on a magazine or one of those Software Houses catalog... I remember one of my friends was crazy about Gall Force and made his own Magic Key.... Tongue

Van bsittler

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07-10-2020, 03:56

Briqunullus wrote:

Topics like this make me smile. It has a proper old school feel to it. I even like the fact it hasn't been for sale, but only has been available with giveaways. I just wonder, have any original keys survived? Are there any pics available?

Anyway, I've ordered a solderless DB9 connector on Aliexpress and I will make one myself. I promise, if I ever make a game of my own I will support this little thingy. Cool

Not sure, but this Japanese Twitter thread might contain a picture of a surviving key

Van bsittler

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14-10-2020, 07:27

bsittler wrote:

Thanks for the info, history + video, abura-chan! And indeed it looks like the special buttons of an FM Towns controller should work as these magic and special magic keys, but probably it's annoying to keep them pressed

Confirmed just now on real hardware (well, SX-1 Mini+) with original Gall Force cartridge by connecting FMT-PD103 (a two-button FM Towns pad, not to be confused with the Marty FMM-PAD301 which adds a dangerous-to-MSX shoulder button)

Pressing and holding RUN from the port 2 FM Towns pad all the way through pressing GRAPH on the Gall Force main menu shows the special secret Magic Key menu with a "TRIG2 POWER UP" option after "FULL CREW"

The 6-button FM Towns pad FMT-PAD601 also works fine for this purpose

Also JoySNES works for this (START instead of RUN of course since it's a SNES/Super Famicom pad you'll be using in this case)

With the Capcom Power Stick Fighter PC Adapter CPSF-PCアダプタ CPA 001 and either a CPS Fighter MD in 6 button mode (so don't hold down MODE until after LED's light) or a CPS Fighter-A CPS-A10CA (both are 6-button joysticks intended for Street Fighter II etc.) holding START works while the adapter configuration switch is in "2" mode works, but not when in Capcom-specific "6" mode

If you instead press SELECT (or MODE), or press RUN (or START) only while the menu is about to display, you get regular Magic Key menu instead

Pin 8 is not needed, both regular and special/secret magic key can work by connecting its directions to the GND pin just like regular two buttons or control pad directions

Also FM Towns 2 and 6 button pads have A and B buttons in opposite order, and JoyMega (which doesn't have FM Towns SELECT/RUN emulation) and CPA 001 both with CPSF-MD stick map buttons differently. Only constant is confusion! Also the CPA 001 maps buttons to the corresponding FM Towns letter, so Capcom's two sticks have opposite layout directions for A and B

Van moldov31337

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07-11-2020, 00:52

abura-chan wrote:

The other day, I wrote that I think that Magic-Key can only be used with Gall Force, but I found that it works with different software.

@abura-chan, do you know, who is the owner of this site?

I couldn't find any credentials or contacts. I would like to contact the owner and ask him or her to use some resources from this site.

Van Briqunullus

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10-11-2020, 21:53

I have made a magic key myself. But I couldn't test it yet, because I didn't get Gall Force running on my Carnivore2. I'll try again another time.

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