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DskTool 1.12

van MSX Resource Center op 17-12-2011, 10:59

A Win32 tool that allows you to manage files on DSK images.

Map for Eggerland 2 created by mars2000you.

Eggerland Mystery - Map

van mars2000you op 03-11-2015, 18:28

Map for Eggerland Mystery created by mars2000you.


van MSX Resource Center op 17-12-2011, 10:59

EVAcon is a tool which converts YJK-encoded EVA movies to RGB, so that they can be played on SCREEN 8. This JAVA tool runs on any OS that has a JAVA Runtime Environment installed.

Map for Ewoks And The Dandelion Warriors, created by mars2000you

Flappy - Map

van mars2000you op 23-10-2020, 13:56

Map for Flappy created by mars2000you

Flappy Limited - Map

van mars2000you op 19-10-2020, 12:56

Map for Flappy Limited and Flappy Limited '85, created by mars2000you

(both games have the same stages and passwords)

Fixed version for last stage


van stompetower op 05-11-2017, 13:32

Maps of ANMA's FRANTIC, extracted from the original game.
These are the maps of all Jobs of the game FRANTIC from ANMA, directly from the creator.
The maps are extracted from the original .JOB files of the game using a little program.
There is also a short textual document that belongs to the maps.

G9klib v0.7

van msd op 30-01-2013, 20:54

The GFX9000 library provides a basic sets of routines that are very useful to develop your own GFX9000 programs. It also supports the new g9b graphics format for GFX9000.

Package contents:

  • G9klib v0.7 (G9k library including sample project)
  • V9BMP v1.1 (BMP & tim viewer for gfx9000. Also can make non compressed g9b files.)

GENIC Picturedisk 08 Menu - Map

van mars2000you op 05-04-2018, 16:56

The menu of this diskmagazine is a small exploration game, designed by Shadow.
Map of this menu created by mars2000you.

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