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XEDTF music editor

van mstz80ax op 26-02-2021, 20:59


This sound editor uses MML data input. You can create sounds and play songs by operating each sound source of
PSG + OPLL + PCM (Supported only for XEDT full version).

You can operate two MSX OPLL and PSG to achieve stereo sound.
An editor that creates data for the ADX driver.
The other is that you can also use the PCM sound source of MSX Turbo R.

XZR maps

van mars2000you op 14-02-2018, 23:44

Maps for XZR created by mars2000you.
Also available on this link:

YS II in Spanish 1.02

van Victor op 13-09-2015, 14:55

Ys 2 in Spanish. Original translation by Manuel Pazos.
Version 1.02 by Víctor Martínez.

Aplicar sobre la versión en español de Manuel Pazos

1. Descripción

This file adds Z80 syntax highlighting in texpad. TNIASM's pseudo-instructions are supported as well. The file can easily be converted to correctly highlight pseudo-instructions of other compilers, like SjASM.

Z80 Runner is a rapid prototyping tool to cross-develop, test, debug and profile assembly routines before using them in production code.

  • source level debugging (stepping, running, breakpoint-support)
  • cycle and code size counting
  • profiling (counting total and delta cycles between steps / breakpoints)


van N.I op 04-02-2019, 08:04

The zm5 is a simple compress format for MSX. It only skips 00 data.
It was made for compressing screen5 image files.
The program for drawing zm5 images is the following.
[code]1 CLEAR200,&HCFFF:SCREEN5Big smileEFUSR=&HD000

Zombie Near source code

van nanochess op 01-04-2016, 21:24

This is the full source code to the game Zombie Near by nanochess that was published as cartridge by Matra (MSX) and Collectorvision (Colecovision), it includes several platforms, the main one is MSX, there are also Colecovision, SVI and Memotech ports. Includes unfinished ports to Atari, C64 and ZX Spectrum.

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