Christmas quiz 2020 answer generator

van hamlet op 18-12-2020, 18:15

dan created a answer geerator for todays christmas quiz quest in BASIC.
Let me mention he failed to give the right answer with this tool but you might have more luck.

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Reacties (3)

Van dan

Master (191)

afbeelding van dan

18-12-2020, 19:48


Van tfh

Prophet (2967)

afbeelding van tfh

18-12-2020, 23:07

PHC-33 according to the generator Smile Hmmm, that's not the answer I supplied. Which was also a guess...

Van ren

Paragon (1868)

afbeelding van ren

18-12-2020, 23:57

'no matter what I answer'? Evil WHAT?!