Multiverse patch for FM-Town controller

van gdx op 23-12-2019, 00:50

When the patch is applied, [Select] Key allows you to display the menu in game.
If you hit [Select] key twice time it switches the character directly.

You can also use a JoySNES or Mega-2-MSX adapter instead of an FM-Town

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23-12-2019, 11:39

Multiverse is a commercial title. The game has only been released on cartridge so far.
Of course everyone is free to make a copy from his own cartridge.
Please do not abuse this opportunity. Supports MSX game developers and does not use or distribute pirate copies.
Multiverse is one of the most exciting games of the last year, please make yourself happy and buy a copy at Hikaru Games.
Thanks for your patch, gdx!