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by Sander on 26-12-2003, 16:01
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Vic is a website totally devoted to the Gradius game series. Nicely designed site, with a lot of background info and screen shots about all Gradius versions. Also previews and screenshots available about Gradius V, the latest installment to the series, to be released on PS2, early next year.

Relevant link: Vic

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By anonymous

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26-12-2003, 19:50

This site should pay some more attention to the MSX system.
1. They make NO distinction between MSX Parodius and the Parodius that was made for all other systems, even though they are two entirely different games.
2. They make NO distinction between MSX Salamander and the Salamander that was made for other systems, even though there are great differences.
3. They completely ignore Nemesis 3, aka Gradius II: Gofer's Ambition Episode II.

With the rich story-line Konami gave to the MSX Gradius series, that to my knowlegde no other system got, I believe MSX is the true home of Gradius.

By Sander

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26-12-2003, 22:49

Hmm, I didn't read all the info on that site, so I kinda overlooked that. Maybe you should send a copy of your remarks to the site owner so he can update his info.