Ticalc.org now has MSX Utilities section

by Grauw on 19-06-2003, 19:55
Topic: Websites

The major community site for Texas Instruments calculators, ticalc.org, has added an MSX Utilities section to their file archives. The section contains 3 MSX tools, which is already three times as much as the Atari section :).

The available tools are:

  • A tool called TransMSX for transferring files between your MSX and a TI-83 or TI-82, including link cable description.
  • A developer's kit for developing your own TI-83 software on MSX. You can use your favorite MSX assembler since the TI-83 also has Zilog Inside!
  • A small program which remotely clears your calculator by exploiting a firmware bug.

All software was by the way made a couple of years ago by Grauw.

Relevant link: ticalc.org