Sunrise goes paypal

by snout on 30-04-2003, 21:18
Topic: Websites

Some fresh news from Sunrise HQ. As of today it is possible to pay goods ordered at Sunrise by using Paypal. Paypal is an internet service that rapidly has become one of the easiest ways to transfer money across the internet. The MRC also uses paypal to allow people to send in donations.

Sunrise is the producer of new MSX hardware like the IDE and CompactFlash cartridges. Some of their less recent hardware is still available as well. Currently the legendary Moonsound cartridge is sold uit, but it will be re-produced after more than 25 people sign up for one. There are already a few people on this list. Same goes for the Sunrise 8-slot expanders. Unfortunately the Video9000 expansions are sold out and will not be re-produced. At least, not in their original form. For more information you can visit the Sunrise website

Relevant link: Sunrise

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By msxgamesbox

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01-05-2003, 21:58

good news indeed.

By snout

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02-05-2003, 17:21

yup, especially people in Brasil can benefit of this service