Roger's Spectravideo Page

by mars2000you on 08-03-2006, 20:40
Topic: Websites

Source: MSX Mailing List

Roger Samdal has opened up a website dedicated to the Spectravideo computers. As you probably will know, Spectravideo computers are closely related to the MSX computer. The SVI-318 and SVI-328 are almost MSX1 compatible, whilst the SCI-728 and SVI-738 follow the MSX1 standard. The SVI-738 even had a V9938 VDP (MSX2) on board. Spectravideo also released a hybrid PC/MSX2, known as the SVI-838 and X' Press 16. Roger's Spectravideo Page contains a lot of background information on Spectravideo, and all these different models of Spectravideo computers.

Relevant link: Roger's Spectravideo Page