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by mars2000you on 06-03-2005, 15:51
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For the last couple of weeks the blueMSX and openMSX teams have been working to create an online ROM database intended for emulation purposes. This project was officially for blueMSX only, started by Nicolas Beyaert and extended by Benoît Delvaux who put a great deal of efford into the accuracy of this database by singlehandedly testing every entry.

Then blueMSX and openMSX put their minds together and created this online monster database with currently 2600 entries. Especially Patrick van Arkel has generated a modern, attractive and intuitive site that should interest all the MSX fans. A couple of ROM manager lists are created by Herman Oudejans with use of the database already.

The list of ROMs will grow in time, hopefully other emulators will support this great deal of work and start using the database as well. Keep your eyes peeled for the next project : a cassette and disk database.

Relevant link: MSX ROM Database

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By Vampier

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06-03-2005, 19:46

In the near feature there we will be an interface where people can submit their own entries or missing roms Smile

By derebo

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22-10-2010, 14:29

vampier, any news about the interface becoming sort of a rom manager for windows/linux platforms? much interested in it!