Near Dark opens website

by snout on 14-11-2004, 14:04
Topic: Websites

This year Near Dark returned to the MSX Scene by releasing Happy 10th birthday Soepfiskje on the 2004 Bussum fair and, later, in the MRC Webshop. As they are planning to release more MSX products in the future, they have just opened their website.

As a matter of fact, in this forum topic Near Dark is currently investigating whether or not creating a GFX9000 game is worth the effort. Your feedback in this thread is much appreciated.

Relevant link: Near Dark website

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By SeD_NcL

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14-11-2004, 21:53

What's the difference with

By Meits

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14-11-2004, 21:57 is gonna be a dedicated Near Dark hide out... It's under heavy development now, so nothing you see is representative for what our goal is...


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15-11-2004, 01:52

hehe.. I'm also partially making html pages without php, databases etc.. It's one big pile of javascripts baby... that's also a difference atm Tongue

By SMDNearDark

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18-11-2004, 00:02

The heavy development is still in progress, but major changes have been made already, so check it out Smile


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14-11-2012, 12:48

For some reason the website has been suspended Question

By Meits

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14-11-2012, 13:17

The link should be updated. Unfortunatly I am at my job right now where IE is rather stripped, so it's really hard navigating here. Will update it later. For now go to
The host of went out of order for a reason unknown to me.