MSXPró - Update

by snout on 08-02-2006, 00:58
Topic: Websites

The Brazilian MSX portal MSXPró has been updated with a lot of new documentation:

  • Datasheets for the 41256, 61512 and 62256 memory chips
  • Datasheet for the Z8530 serial controller
  • English datasheet for the S3527
  • Pin-layout for upgrading Sample RAM and BIOS for MSX-Audio
  • Gradiente CT80-Net service manual
  • Document on the pinouts of the MSX cartridge connectors
  • PAL2 DDX 2.0 kit circuit
  • Installation tutorial for IDE interface

Relevant link: MSXPró

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By HansO

Paladin (672)

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12-02-2006, 14:45

Good update!