MSX Worldwide magazine - the end?

by snout on 16-09-2006, 16:43
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Today, both MSX Banzai and MSX Posse report the Dutch MSX magazine MSX Worldwide is to be discontinued. On the article on MSX Posse it is reported that one last episode of the magazine is to be released and that the final episode of MSX Worldwide will come with a bonus CD-ROM.

On the MSX Worldwide website this information has not yet been confirmed. A recent notice (of September 7th) only mentions Alex Koedooder left the team and that his duties as a webmaster are to be continued by Frank Rochette. We will keep you posted on further developments regarding the MSX Worldwide website and magazine.

Relevant link: MSX Worldwide website

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By mww-webmaster

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05-10-2006, 12:24

Hello to all,

As MWW-webmaster i will like to react on this topic.

It's true that Rinus (as publisher) decide to quit with MWW Magazine.

Reason for this is that as a result of Alex leaving the team and the other people that had left the team already that it was verry difficult to fill the MWW Magazine in a good way.

Besides of that Rinus (and I also) do manny other things and Rinus has to work.

How hard his decision is to quit publishing MWW magazine i can't tell. Maybe if the magazine readers and other will call on him he will decide to go on (

The message did said that the MWW website didn't tell anything about this.

This is correct but the reason is simple the site is still under construction and the news messages aren't up to date. The message is already in the offline site.

Our first priority was to get the site ready en online (not the web-store). After that there will be some minor changes.

At this time Rinus is gaterhing all information and pictures for the web store. If i can find the right programm i make the store and put it online so you can order copies of al the magazines (mww + msx info) and other msx stuff

If you want to react to this posting by mail sent it to:

Webmaster msxworldwide