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by mars2000you on 08-01-2006, 17:52
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On MSX Valley, two new sections were opened on the MSX1 (Robsy) and MSX2 (TeddyWareZ) version of Guru Logic, a puzzle game released by Compile/Aiky in 2001 on Gameboy Advance. The sections contain screenshots, a walkthrough and mp3 files fo the music contained in these games.

As we all probably know, Aiky requested the removal of the MSX1 version of Guru Logic from the internet on June 11th, 2004. Earlier, the TeddyWareZ version was removed from the internet as well. The reason for this request lies within the fact that Aiky intends to release a commercial version of the game (developed by several members of the MSX community) on MSX in the future.

Apart from the Guru Logic sections, a section on the Dutch scene group Unicorn was opened, containing information on all their releases (which you can download over here) and mp3 recordings of their MSX-MUSIC songs.

Relevant link: MSX Valley

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10-01-2006, 20:54

And there's a cool picture of me, holding a guitar and holding hair on my head! Ah, the good 'ol days! LOL!