MSX Top - Link added

by snout on 28-05-2004, 15:54
Topic: Websites

Source: MSX-BR-L mailinglist

Today we added a new link to our section of MSX websites. MSX Top is a Brazilian MSX community website available in both English and Portuguese, created by Edison Antonio Pires de Moraes. The main part of this website is a project that tries to gather as much documentation on MSX as possible, offering it in PDF format. Right now the website contains Portuguese guides in PDF on MSX-BASIC, MSX-DOS, Philips Ease, Easy DOS and an overview of Z80/R800 mnenomics. In the MSX Top Secret section you can find an even more extensive source of documentation: MSX Top Secret 1 is a 242-page source of information on MSX, created in Tasword. Soon, MSX Top hopes to offer a new version, MSX Top Secret 2, which consists out of no less than 528 pages of MSX documentation, offered in PDF format. The index of this massive MSX guide is already available for download.

Relevant link: MSX Top