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by wolf_ on 22-01-2008, 12:35
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Cartographer only_69 has truly found a niche in the MSX scene with his maps. Not only are his maps a valuable resource for gamers, the maps also give a great insight in the design of a game, which often turns out to be practical information for game developers.

The last update of MSX Solutions dates back to August of 2007. In the reactions of that newspost, a new game was suggested to make a map for: Bastard, by Xain. Bastard, a one-disk game released in 1988, is a maze game that hasn't exactly gained much praise over the years. The biggest obstacle is the sheer size of the maps, this in combination with the rather monotone design of the maps makes it a game that isn't very motivating to play. Still, the game can be intriguing as well, as very few people -if any- have seen the whole game yet, thus a map would be more than welcome. All this made Bastard the perfect candidate to suggest a map for. To have only_69 make a map for this game wouldn't be much to ask for anyway. After all, how big can a game on only one single disk ever be?

Things turned out quite differently. People would assume that the game would have a reasonably large map. This assumption is literarily dwarfed however by the complete map that Bastard turns out to actually have. To get an impression of the magnitude of the maze, let's assume a traditional MSX monitor with one room of Bastard. The five worlds of Bastard placed next to each other would create a wall of MSX monitors roughly 6 meters high and roughly 60 meters wide. It's evident that no-one will be playing this game just by heart. If there's ever been a game which would require a map then it's Bastard, as it's likely to be the MSX game with the biggest game area ever. Unfortunately, the game seems to be full of bugs, and only_69 wasn't able to find any end demo. Was this Xain's intention? Is the game this big so that no sane person would ever find out there's no end demo at all? Who knows, if you have a version of the game which you have finished and which does have an end demo, contact only_69.

But there's more! Bastard alone would've made a nice mega-update already -considering its size- but only_69 decided to offer even more maps!

A whole new map has been made for Falcom's game Dragon Slayer IV - Drasle Family, a platform RPG for MSX2 made in 1987. Also new is a map for Parallax' platform game Blade Lords, released in 1994 by Sunrise. And finally, the map of the MSX1 game Bestial Warrior has been updated. This game by Dinamic is an arcade game converted from the ZX Spectrum.

Of course, map making doesn't end here. If you feel a map is required for a certain MSX game, then feel free to suggest the game to only_69. So shortly after Bastard, a smaller game might perhaps be preferred. After all, how big can a small game be?

Relevant link: MSX Solutions

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By wolf_

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22-01-2008, 12:37

Yes, a big map deserves a big post.. Hannibal

By ro

Scribe (5129)

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22-01-2008, 13:21

I say!

Very nice job again 69-er! DSIV kicks butt!

By Yukio

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22-01-2008, 15:31

Very cool!
I need to finish those games ... Sure that would be better if I buy them first!

Dragon Slayer IV - Drasle Family
Yes, Dragon Slayer Family is one nice game. The fact that there is a lot of characters to play and items to use is great! I like Falcom games.

For short games. Whats about something like The Last Mission? I liked those short games that could be finished.
Another game that I liked was J.P. Winkle!

Plus the classic choices like Golvellius and The Castle, don't need to rush since there where partial maps of those games on old Magazines ...

One that I would personally like is Crimson and Psychic War. There is a map of Psychic War (Cosmic Soldier 2) on the MSX-FAN that comes with the game, but there is a bug in the later rooms. I also don't know how to enter in the final part of the game ...

By only_69

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22-01-2008, 16:55

The next one will surely be Malaya no Hihou which I started and did not finish. I promised Manuel Testament's map. I also started Ganbare Goemon but it is a strange game (I will give it another try but it was put aside for a little).
And well, I have also to finish lots of unfinished ones, like Batman The Movie, Gunfright and so on. Randar III was also another one which was stopped because of japanese language problems.
And Yukio, JP Winkle does not have an end also. At least I haven't found it. Crying
But sure you people can ask for more. I have a TO DO list where I record all requirements for maps. See you! LOL!
Almost forgot. Tks for the post wolf!!!!

By wolf_

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22-01-2008, 17:38

bastard1.png still has all the player sprites.. was this intentional? Did you c/p the wrong file? Or were you just fed-up of it? Tongue

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10157)

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22-01-2008, 17:44

btw, oddly enough, my Bastard box shows a screen with green/yellow'ish graphics.. e.g. grass or something. The maps are all grey/brown/blue'ish tho.. ^_^

By Yukio

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23-01-2008, 10:31

What's about Feud?
There should be (easy) solutions for MSX1 games ...
Feud is a easier game.

By only_69

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23-01-2008, 11:57

wolf, that's what I have said. I cleaned all levels except for level 1 but I was tired and decided to publish all and do this later...

Feud, I thaught I had already mapped this game. Does it have another name?

By Yukio

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23-01-2008, 15:04

For some odd reasons some persons keep calling this game Feud as "Halloween".
List of MSX games

Generation MSX lists the Feud game, also there is external links for version on the other home computer systems.
Generation MSX link
Review of the ZX Spectrum version of Feud.
Crash 38 , Feud!
This £1.99 game by Bulldog,Mastertronic is cool!

By JohnHassink

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23-01-2008, 16:06

There was a 100% map of Feud (including numbers placed in the fields with corresponding list of plants to collect) in a PPTR edition; #2 or #3 IIRC.

BTW great price indeed!!!

By Ivan

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24-01-2008, 01:01

How big is SD-Snatcher? 25x300 MSX monitors? Tongue


Enlighted (6127)

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26-01-2008, 18:06

It seems that you use quite a big monitors... With Phillips 8833 (older model) that is quite typical MSX monitor the size of map would be only 5.76m X 49m

By Imanok

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27-01-2008, 14:50

Great work, as always! Smile

I also started Ganbare Goemon but it is a strange game (I will give it another try but it was put aside for a little).

Just ask if you have any doubt about the game... maybe we can help Wink