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by wolf_ on 29-07-2009, 11:04
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It looks like Brazilian cartographer only_69 currently has a highly productive period. After maps of Renegade III and Titanic released just days ago, he'll enrich us again with a new map: Robocop. This game from 1988 is developed by Ocean, who have done more film adaptations such as Batman, Rambo and The Untouchables. As with many conversions from those days, the graphics are mono-colored but detailed nonetheless.

Relevant link: MSX Solutions

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By JohnHassink

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30-07-2009, 14:20

I played this game to death in the days.

Nice to see the maps.

By Huey

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30-07-2009, 14:54

One of those games I even managed to finish Tongue

By cidra

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30-07-2009, 20:14

Yes, DemonSeed, one of those games WE all played a lot back in the day (and still play today).

Great song, decent although monochromatic graphics.

And it was RoboCop in the MSX, as closer to the arcade as it could be, and with some original stages as well.

Of course, another amazing work with this map.

Now I wonder if we'll ever see that supposed korean RoboCop cartridge for MSX2:

By Ivan

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30-07-2009, 21:25

All time classic. A new MSX2 version would be very well received!

Now I wonder if we'll ever see that supposed korean RoboCop cartridge for MSX2:
I sent an email to a Korean MSXer (using the Contacts list) asking him to contact the owner of those carts but didn't get any reply.

By only_69

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31-07-2009, 00:03

Oh, Robocop for MSX2. And seems to be very colorful. The original Zemina games use to be very well made, such as the Double Dragon version. Big smile

By iamweasel2

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31-07-2009, 13:39

Is there a picture of the robocop msx2 game running? I saw the links posted here, but I couldn't find one (I found only pictures of the cartridge, manual and the box). If there's one, can someone post the link here?