MSX Radio v2.0 online!

by Omega on 16-12-2001, 06:01
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Hi MSX music fans!

First of all, sorry for the fact that MSX radio was unavailable for some time two weeks ago. Live365 had problems with their bandwidth provider. Now they have a new one and MSX radio is back!I've had a few emails from people who couldn't receive the stream on their modems. That's why I reconsidered the bitrate and decided to scale down a bit from 56kbps to 32kbps, but such that the quality is still acceptable! More people should be able to get the stream now.Furthermore, the playlist has been totally replaced with a new one. Now there are 'blocks' dedicated to certain games. I've also added the Snatcher Hearing!Check it out.

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By tfh

Prophet (3207)

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20-12-2001, 11:16

Hi Omega!
I must say the quality has gone down quite a lot. Can't you make 2 versions? One 32kbps and one 56kbps?