MSX Pró site update

by RobertVroemisse on 06-12-2011, 09:34
Topic: Websites

After some months of silence, the Brazilian site MSX Pró surprises its visitors with a nice update.

  • Some tweaking in the site's mechanics was done.
  • The schematics of Kai Weber's Mega Mapper were added.
  • A special page was created to explain the internal jumpers of the Mini Slot Expander CIEL by Ademir Carchano.
  • The FAT16 utilities were updated.
  • The schematics of the Sunrise IDE interface were added.
  • Version 1.3 of the MSX Audio BIOS by FRS was added.
  • A list of parts to create your own EXPERT 3 Turbo by Ademir Carchano was added.

MSX Pró is a Brazilian MSX site dedicated to MSX hardware, schematics, projects and much more. The site is available only in the Portugese language.

Relevant link: MSXPró