MSX-Link for Russian Yamaha MSX2 network - Link added

by snout on 13-04-2006, 12:38
Topic: Websites

We have just added a link to this Russian website in our MSX links section. The website, written by Tim Tashpulatov (tnt23) describes how to assemble a link cable between a PC and a Russian Yamaha MSX2, and contains additional information on the network module as found in Yamaha YIS503IIIR and Yamaha YIS-805/128R MSX computers. Previously, we had already added a link to this English website, also written by tnt23, which contains similar information.

Relevant link: MSX-Link for Russian Yamaha MSX2 network

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By Argon

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15-04-2006, 17:58

Looks cool, can't read it though

By cax

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16-04-2006, 12:09

With regards and thanks going to Tim Tashpulatov for creating such a wonderful device and helping me remotely to assemble my own one, the mentioned article and site is mine, guys.