MSX Info pages update

by snout on 17-06-2003, 20:10
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Hans Otten has updated his MSX Info pages once again with some valuable information. The following contents were added:

  • Build yourself a MSX Mouse adapter: PS/2 mouse to FMTowns/MSX interface by Anikun.
  • How to upgrade MegaRAM to 2Mb
  • A new article on the MSX cassette system: connecting two MSX computers via the cassette interface, use a PC as cassette recorder with high speed, programs and links. A side effect of my current projects with standalone MSX computers with all kind of i/o.
  • COLOR.COM, one of the utilities from the Brazilian 'Nemesis tools' utility package
  • 38 pages of the MSX 1 BIOS listing
  • MSX Games Selection sequential CD Tracks
  • Various tools for MSX2+/7MHz/KUN Basic

Relevant link: MSX Info pages

Comments (4)

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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18-06-2003, 23:07

Hmm... I thought Hans made quite clear he was NOT updating his pages anymore. The site said so quite explicitely. Now it says it's in 'maintenance mode', which is pretty much the mode any site is in that isn't dead. Strange...

By snout

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20-06-2003, 15:32

Quote from HansO's website: "Note that the MSX Info pages are not updated in the way and not as regular as before. What you find here as news is new information send to me (tnx JP Grobler, Jipe, Hans Oranje, Luis Claudio Grosso) and what comes out of my MSX projects. So i do still work with MSX and like those machines a lot. But no more document scanning at the moment!"

By Algorythms

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24-06-2003, 11:01

Anyway, just be happy he IS updating, instead of complaining that he said otherwise Tongue

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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24-06-2003, 20:16

I'm not complaining, I just think it's strange Tongue