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by BiFi on 23-04-2003, 11:40
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Hans Otten has added some more valuable MSX-related information to his website once again. Right now the follow things were added:

  • The software section has been reorganized. Now its in table format and much easier to access
  • With the help of JP Grobler an article written by Jon de Schrijder about how MSX with diskroms assign drive letters to drives is added
  • Ivisoft released Basic code (Qbasic for MS-DOS) to translate source ASM files from Spanish assembler RSC and vice versa. Comments are left unmodified, uppercase to lowercase is adapted as needed
  • The do it yourself section has been reorganized. Now its in table format and much easier to access
  • Upgrade the NMS8245 to 1 Mb with a 1Mb SIMM by Hans Oranje in English! Translated by HansO
  • Added to the do it yourself list are the joystick cables connections to connect 2 MSX computers, both used by Joynet/Connect/F1-Spirit 3D-Special and MCWF's *slag games

It also seems Hans Otten and Hans Oranje are mixed up regularly. To make things clear, Hans made a small list of things both Hans O's do for MSX.

Relevant link: MSX info pages

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By msxhans

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25-04-2003, 15:00

And some more updates today:

The hardware upgrade descriptions made by Hans Oranje were only available in dutch.
And he made some valuable upgrade descriptions, e.g. upgrade memory to 1,2 or even 4MB using PC SIMMs, MSX2+ upgrades, MSX DOS 2 buoltin etc.

So Hans Otten made a translation of the website and all the documents to english!
Please look at the translated website at

By HansO

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23-04-2014, 09:52