MSX Club Magazines online

MSX Club Magazines online

by ro on 10-08-2016, 14:30
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One year ago, the Dutch/Belgium MSX Club Magazine put up the website MSX Club Magazine is a paper magazine from the late 80's and 90's.

Earlier on, the famous "Het grote Peeks, Pokes en Truuks boek" books were uploaded, recently digital versions of the MSX Club Magazine were also put online. MSX Mozaik 1 & 2 (the predecessors of the Club Magazines) and the first editions of the MSX Club Magazine are already available, remaining issues will be published in the coming weeks.

The scans are made with the official authorization of the entire original MSX Club Magazine team.

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By Wolverine_nl

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10-08-2016, 15:05

This is great news! I have a few originals, but now I can finally read some of the missing articles that were spread over a few issues. Tongue

By snout

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10-08-2016, 23:45

Very cool indeed! Thanks to the entire MSX Club Magazine team to make this possible.

By tfh

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11-08-2016, 13:27

Nostalgia! Smile

By Sander

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12-08-2016, 22:10

Really great news. Never could get my hands on the earlier issues. Many thanks!

By Sandy Brand

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15-08-2016, 20:45

So much fun to read these old magazines again, thanks bringing these online!

By djh1697

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22-08-2016, 12:21

nice, but i can't read them, being English - not to worry

By tfh

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22-08-2016, 12:26

djh1697 wrote:

nice, but i can't read them, being English - not to worry

That can be solved quite easily: Learn Dutch Smile