MSX Banzai! - GFX9000 updates

by snout on 11-04-2005, 20:31
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Source: MSX Mailinglist

Patriek Lesparre has updated MSX Banzai! with Henrik Gilvad's original documentation to V9990 PowerBASIC. On MSX Banzai!, you can also find a frequently updated V9990 programmers manual. The Yamaha V9990 is the best videochip (currently) available for MSX, delivered to MSX by Sunrise as the GFX9000.

Relevant link: MSX Banzai!

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By BiFi

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12-04-2005, 13:17

I didn't know the ! was removed from the MSX Banzai! site? Wink

By snout

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12-04-2005, 13:25

You -are- aware of the fact that you have already won the nitpickers award of 2005?

By BiFi

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12-04-2005, 13:28

I just want to be safe Wink


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12-04-2005, 21:17

Ok, this time I'll also try to get a position as a professional nitpicker: V9990 is delivered to MSX also as Video9000 by Sunrise

By BiFi

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13-04-2005, 15:29

That's because Video9000 is Gfx9000 with a digitize/superimpose circuitry.