Knightmare Saga update

by mars2000you on 17-03-2006, 21:06
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The spanish website Knightmare Saga, dedicated to the Knightmare game serie on MSX and NES computers, has been updated with maps of the 8 stages of Knightmare. Kinghtmare is the first game in this series which consists of Knightmare, The Maze Of Galious and Shalom.

Relevant link: Knightmare Saga

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By poke-1,170

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19-03-2006, 00:02

ehmmm,so what's with the warps?
I remember seeing them in knightmare,but never quite understood when they appear
(I know where some should be, but sometimes they ain't there....why?)

By mars2000you

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19-03-2006, 00:21

The warps or secret exits appear only when you got passed the stage they're in and they require many shots to open them.

But you can find on this page a special cheat to make them always appear :

By poke-1,170

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19-03-2006, 13:46

aha....interesting Smile