Interviews with Brazilian MSX developers

by mars2000you on 11-01-2006, 21:59
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A Brazillian PC Engine Fan site interviewed some well-known Brazillian MSX developers. The interviews are a nice way to get to know these developers better. At the moment already six interviews are available on the website in the "Entrevistas" section. The interviewed developers are:

  • Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha - AlSoftware, a.o. Translator of Illusion City
  • Ademir Carchano - Hardware developer
  • Daniel Jorge Caetano - Translator of Snatcher and creator of Knightmare Gold
  • Ricardo Bittencourt - Translator of Shalom, creator of BrMSX and blueMSX co-developer
  • Ricardo Jau - MSX Multicard
  • SLotman - MSX Files, ICON Games

Furthermore the are other interviews with MSX game collectors and fans to be found on this website aswell.

Relevant link: PC Engine Fan

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pc engine rules...still want one