HispaMSX BBS - new features

by snout on 17-11-2005, 02:54
Topic: Websites

The all-new HispaMSX BBS has been upgraded a little. The BBS now features as special MSX-DOS 2.30 shell. This shell allows you to access the contents of the BBS through a shell that looks just like MSX-DOS. Instead of using the usual BBS menus and key-shortcuts, you can view the contents of the BBS by typing DOS commands such as DIR, TYPE and EXIT. You can select the shell by logging in to the BBS, going to the main menu, selecting [D], then [K], and then the MSX-DOS2 shell. You can reach the HispaMSX BBS using telnet or any BBS client that supports TCP/IP. If you do not have such a client, you can also use the HTTP interface provided by the BBS.

Relevant link: telnet://bbs.hispamsx.org
Relevant link: http://bbs.hispamsx.org:81

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By rif

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21-11-2005, 21:45

Cool shell!! Smile

Doei RIF

By adrcunha

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24-11-2005, 22:29

This is the coolest BBS shell I have ever seen in my life! Big smile