Hans Otten site updates

by snout on 09-06-2002, 15:14
Topic: Websites

Thanks to the help of other MSX users, Hans Otten has been able to add some interesting information to his site once again. Here's a list of the recently performed updates:

  • The first in a series of sources made by Albert Beevendorp (aka BiFi). The sources are targeted at MSX, MSX 2, MSX 2+, turboR, FM-PAC, V9990 and IDE. BiFi is one of the talented coders who is still active on MSX. Some of the highlights of this package:
    • Memman related programs (improved and new tsr's)
    • Code fragments (a treasure collection!)
    • Test routines
    • Tools
    • Start of publishing information (guides, roms, utilities) about MSX SCSI interfaces. People who have information on SCSI interfaces, please submit it to Hans!
    • Diapresentator mbv I/O interfaceElektuur januari 1988 (scans made by Pierre Gielen)
    • MST Quintus drawing program Guide and disk (thanks Albert Beevendorp)
    • Enhanced floppy configuration guide
    • MSX 256K memory mapper with static rams cartridge
    • MSX 1MB memory mapper Ram Cartridge, design by M Fujimoto & MKT 1994/5 converted to PDF by JP Grobler with static rams
    • Pseudo stereo circuit by Pierre Gielen
    • Updated pseudo stereo circuit in CUC magazine (thanks Marco van der Ham)

    Relevant link: http://www.msxhans.msx2.com