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by wolf_ on 14-12-2007, 12:37
Topic: Websites

Dutch MSX developers Delta Soft have updated their website two days ago. Among their other news are these highlights:

  • Due popular demand, their latest project Thunderbirds Are Go Missie 2 has been announced. This will be the follow-up of the game they've released in 1999.
  • To celebrate the 20th anniversary (!) of Delta Soft, a special patch will be released for their product Konami Quiz 2. This patch allows you to play with the characters from Metal Gear!
  • The Lucky Darts section has been updated. This brand new game will be presented on the annual MSX fair in Nijmegen.

This, and much much more can be found on their fairly large website!

Relevant link: Deltasoft

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By Grauw

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14-12-2007, 16:13

Nit, but it’s 20th, not 20st Smile.

By wolf_

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14-12-2007, 16:18

f1x0r! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Abi

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14-12-2007, 21:46

Amazing what can be done in MSX basic!! thumbs up for Delta Soft!!!

By Yukio

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14-12-2007, 22:59

Running Naked in a Field of Flowers
Weird! The reaction wasn't the same when I tried to upload some MSX2 stuff ...

By FiXato

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15-12-2007, 10:11

Congrats DeltaSoft!
20 years of good MSX Spirit! Big smile
here's to many more!

By TheKid

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15-12-2007, 21:05

Thank you for this post wolf_. And thanks everybody who'd replied on this post. It all started with the NMS 8245 demo 20-3-1988. I loved msx then, and I still do and most surely will until I die. Unfortunately I don't have as much time as I did then, so I guess it will take us about 5 years to complete the second mission of Thunderbirds Are Go. (funny thing is that I made the first thunderbirds from september 1998 till april 1999. But I didn't have a live back then Tongue). Anyways, now Lucky Darts is finished and the special konami quiz 2 celebration patch is finished, It's all systems go for Thunderbirds. Hope to see you all at the Nijmegen fair. The Kid of Delta Soft. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By wolf_

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15-12-2007, 21:13

No problem, posting news is what we do! Whenever you have news (e.g. a new product to announce, anything), just click here, write it, and we'll post!