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by mars2000you on 11-01-2005, 21:14
Topic: Websites

The popular Japanese MSX portal and BBS Baboo has suddenly closed its doors. The links database and search engine, heavily inspired by Yahoo, has been an important resource of information for MSX users all around the world ever since the mid-1990s. To many Japanese visitors an active Bulletin Board System allowed MSX users all over Japan to keep in touch and discuss on many MSX related topics. The very first discussions on the MSX Revival took place on this BBS. At the moment the domain is pending deletion.

Update: is back. It seems the domainname was renewed just in time.

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By Manuel

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11-01-2005, 21:58

Anyone with contacts in Japan knows why this is happening?

By spl

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11-01-2005, 22:35

Also the site was not very good updated lately, most of the links didn't worl Sad

By Ivan

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12-01-2005, 00:38

These are very sad news.
Baboo has been one of the most important Japanese MSX sites.
I liked its layout inspired in Yahoo.

By elements

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12-01-2005, 08:13

im interested to take this domain name to bring a new life for msxusers, but i dont have a creditcard. i know somebody who wants to deleop a new searchengine. who can help me?

By Bart

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12-01-2005, 10:13

You don't need a creditcard to register a domain. The fact it -was- registered at NetSol doesn't mean it has to be registered at NetSol again.

By SLotman

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12-01-2005, 13:22

Very sad news... if it wasnt for the Baboo contest I would never have a turbo-R, and would never had the opportunity to make Dungeons and Dragons...

I still hope the site gets back online somehow 8(

By flyguille

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12-01-2005, 16:54

well, look for the good side.....
now MRC can to improve in a search engine, it already have a links DB.
only lacks a JP translation or something like that

By viejo_archivero

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13-01-2005, 06:54

It will be interesting if the msx gurus gives us their opinion about how does Baboo's closing matches with the upcoming revival with the one chip MSX, because I really can't understand why they left the MSX scene when "apparently" the thing is growing and the MSX is now better supported than ever... they were here in the bad times and they'll disappear in the better?. Seems to me very strange...

Sad news... now it's the time for MRC to go japanese.

By anonymous

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13-01-2005, 09:28

Baboo is back again. I think it was just a domain name renewal issue.

By viejo_archivero

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13-01-2005, 12:15

Ah, ok. That has more sense. I didn't understand quitting when the thing is supposed to go better!.

By spl

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13-01-2005, 15:16

I think REALLY that Baboo MUST update all the links they have, because most of the links are really obsolete. Tongue