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by wolf_ on 04-11-2008, 10:46
Topic: Translations

Django, who never seems to stop providing game translations on Passion MSX, has given us yet another translated game: Super Daisenryaku, a strategy game from 1988 by Systemsoft, presented for MSX by Microcabin.

Relevant link: Passion MSX - Django translations - Super Daisenryaku English

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By hap

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05-11-2008, 14:43

Nice game (series). It's a shame the translation is incomplete, the function key highlights are crucial for people new to the game. I haven't had a look, but I doubt those graphics are compressed or stored in an awkward way. Translating a game completely takes a lot of patience. DJANGO, if it's too much for you, maybe you could team up with someone else? (no not me Tongue)

By Imanok

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05-11-2008, 23:08

You're right.

We appreciate DJANGO's effort translating games... but I'm sure people prefer 1 full translation than 10 partial ones. If you have the skills to translate games, but the main problem is the japanese language, you should try to contact people who can understand it and team up with them.

Good luck with your translation projects! Wink


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06-11-2008, 16:07

I think this game makes new kind of record being most translated game without complete translation. Tongue

I'm sure that I've seen at least two partial translations of this game before... One was made by Bulldogs, other I don't remember.


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10-11-2008, 09:40

20 years ago, I've done partial translations of some games (only menu):
Super Daisenryaku
Rune Worth
Randar 3
Dragon Slayer 6
Tate Game
Rune Master .......

Since these years people better than me, translated completly some of these games.

But I've stopped MSX in 1991 and I've restarted only this year with the french Websites MSXCAFE and PASSIONMSX ( I'm french ).
I don't understand japaneese language at all.
If anybody wants to continue my partial translations, I give you all my HEX Tables of the games.
I've started Zukkoke Yajikita - Hal (xyz):

Hex table "La Valeur - Kogado":


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10-11-2008, 11:55

I have not found Function Keys Menu.
Only icons , the file is TIKEIDT.GDT

In my french version, I've modified them ( just a little ) 20 years ago


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31-01-2015, 15:18

Complete english translation of Super Great Strategy with the function keys done:

By sd_snatcher

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01-02-2015, 02:17

Django! Long time no see! It's good to have you back again! Big smile

By mars2000you

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01-02-2015, 23:40

Just made a small donation, Django deserves the support of the MSX community !

By Detrane

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08-03-2016, 04:26

There is a web site of the complete translation of this game