Partial Crimson III English translation

by karloch on 17-02-2007, 00:39
Topic: Translations

Javier Pérez has released a partial English translation of Crimson III, a MSX2 RPG from XtalSoft. Due to the lack of colaboration, the project was not finished; however, the work is enough to give the game a try. The translated items are:

  • Opening demo
  • Start and game menu
  • Main text in battles, shops, etc...
  • Most items, weapons and magics

The patch is released in a TRD file that applies to the game disk 1.

Relevant link: MSX Review download section (Spanish)
Relevant link: Crimson III partial English translation

Comments (3)

By ro

Scribe (4416)

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17-02-2007, 09:36

ah very nice!
Never understood a darn thing and so lost interest at the first minute. too bad, looked like a fun game.

By SaebaMSX

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17-02-2007, 15:04

Is this the same patch of 10 years ago, Javi? Tongue

Nice to see that you still kept it! Wink

By JaviMSX

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18-02-2007, 23:07

Yes, it's the same patch.
The news is a surprise for me too. Question