Since the first MSX computer was launched on the market in 1983 in Japan, the difficulty in getting any information related to the standard was well-known among MSX users around the world. Luckily thanks to some magazines and/or individuals, at least, we could obtain more details about our beloved home computer system in those distant lands. Although we manage to be informed about new hardware and software releases, the lack of information was evident with respect other matters mainly due to language barrier.

And it is when a translation of an article, in the form of farewell, that appeared in the latest issue of Japanese MSX-FAN magazine (August 1995), by Twitter user Arc Hound, reveals very interesting aspects and curiosities of MSX itself and its development coming from Kazuhiko Nishi and some staff members of Konami, Micro Cabin and T&E Soft. A recommended reading!

Relevant link: MSX-FAN article "The messages of farewell to our MSX" - translation by Arc Hound at tumblr

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By Pac

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12-01-2019, 20:02

Thanks Guillian for help! Wink

By hamlet

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12-01-2019, 21:55

Yeah that's a nice read. Good old times!

By Guillian

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13-01-2019, 09:31

Thanks PAC. The translated articles are quite interesting!


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29-01-2019, 23:52

Indeed, this was interesting to read, thanks!

By hamlet

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12-01-2020, 09:42

"The R on the MSX turbo R stands for RISC."
Nice reading.